Strategic consulting

We provide solutions to strategic questions:

What do you really require? What is essential and what is not?

How can a new technology change your business?

Which technology is the most suitable for you?

What roadmap is required for a seamless migration from your existing system?

Notable missions carried out by COGISYS

French telecommunications regulator

Mission for ARCEP: analysis of the consequences of the planned decommissioning of the copper local loop (CLL)

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  • We drew up an inventory of applications currently dependent on the CLL
  • We analysed the issues associated with their migration to broadband solutions (FTTH/FTTO, 3G/4G...)

Digital systems command French MoD

Strategic plan for a rational management of the radioelectric spectrum
allocated to the Ministry of Defence

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  • We drew up an inventory of frequencies required by the armed forces
  • We analysed the possible ways to operate without these frequencies or to mutualise them to gain in efficiency

Arms Procurement Agency

Mission for the French MoD: strategic plan for the future tactical communications systems of the Army

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  • We analysed the Army’s information exchange requirements and their evolution over the coming decade
  • We assessed the suitability and possible benefits of innovative communications technologies
  • We identified the future armament programmes required

Public health service for the Paris area

We studied the feasibility of an IP network based on leased optical fibres to interconnect public health sites in the area of Paris. We assessed the possible benefits brought by this network.

Railway company

Survey of the fixed and mobile telecommunications networks of a major railway company. Strategic plan for their upgrade.
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  • We analysed the suitability of these networks for the future evolutions of the railway transportation business
  • We analysed their risks of obsolescence
  • We drew up an action plan for network upgrade