Network design

We help systems designers make the right choices:

How to remain within budget and schedule?

How to make sure that the components of a system are coherent?

How to optimise overall performances?

How to convince the end buyer? How to make the best proposal?

Notable missions carried out by COGISYS

Energy transport company

Telecommunications network for an electricity supplier
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  • 6 000 sites

    The solution recommended by Cogisys: a hybrid network :
  • A first segment directly operated by the company: IP/MPLS over fibre optics
  • A second segment provided by a commercial operator for simple IP connectivity

Industrial prime contractor in military telecommunications

Expert advice for the prime contractor of a fixed military network
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  • 1 200 points of presence all over mainland France

    What we did
  • We specified the IP/MPLS-TE system secured by IPsec devices
  • We specified the technical services provided by the Network Operations Centre
  • We defined the provisioning process for the connection of users

Industrial prime contractor in satellite communications

Expert advice for the prime contractor of a military satcoms system
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  • 3 satellites, 300 ground stations for the connection of users
  • The system operates with a mix of civil modems and military modems with anti-jamming
  • Its switching technology which was originally ATM was substituted by IP during the course of the programme

    What we did
  • We conducted a value analysis process for setting initial programme guidelines
  • We helped fine-tune a response to jamming strategy
  • We specified a scheme which preserves the same QoS as the former circuit-based technology in the IP network, and over constrained transmission links
  • We optimised transmission mechanisms to maximise network throughput